Sunday, September 21, 2008 Roadside Attractions

I have been having fun the last few months submitting entries to the RoadSideAmerica web site. (If you try you are directed to the web site for the Big Beaver so I had to settle for Roadside America).
The web site is good because they appreciate the quirky side of life. Here in Edmonton we might have North America's largest shopping mall, some massive multi-billion dollar oil refineries, a wonderful park system, a classy university and an excellent LRT transit system. But for RoadsideAmerica the city is mainly famous for a big boot!
So far they have added my photos for these attractions:
St Paul Alberta's UFO Landing Pad
World's Largest Mallard Duck in Andrew, Alberta
Giant Turkey in La Riviere, Manitoba
Giant Buffalo in Wainwright, Alberta
Suzie the Giant Softball in Chauvin, Alberta
Giant Bunnock in Macklin, Saskatchewan
Giant Baseball Bat in Edmonton, Alberta
Giant Boot in Edmonton, Alberta
World's Largest Sausage in Mundare, Alberta
I have made several more submissions lately that will take some time before showing up.

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