Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wawa Ontario (Part Two) Grandma Doors

As I said in my previous blog, my short trip to Wawa, Ontario last August 16th was a big surprise. I found an interesting northern town with plenty of things to photograph.

The whole of the town's main street was done up into a massive temporary art project. Apparently the students of the local elementary school created 200 decorated doors based dedicated to the grandmothers of Wawa. Some of them are the student's grannies and some are historic ladies of the town.

According to my reading at; this was a temporary project from May to September 2008.

The students used paint, paper and multimedia materials. The results were glued onto cheap interior doors. The city took on the project of installation and removal.

I could find almost nothing online about this project. I have no idea where they got their idea. There is a similar project at but that is an extremely strange web site with no information about when, where or how that web site was created.

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